Trying to live without your love
Is like one long sleepless night

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relationship goals


relationship goals

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Don’t know if these have been posted before but… some new pictures from the Prague non-replica production of Andrew Lloyd Webber's “The Phantom of the Opera”.

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"so basically it’s about elisabeth who, in the musical, is in love with death and death is like a real dude sort of who creeps on her but then elisabeth marries the emperor and death follows her to the court and gatecrashes her wedding and is all “bitch no i own you” and elisabeth’s like “bitch please i own me” and so death loses his shit a bit and is like “bitch i kill your kid” and elisabeth’s like “BITCH GET OUT MY LIFE” and death’s all “NEVERRRR” and it just goes on from there."

me explaining elisabeth das musical to a co-worker yesterday (via timegoddessrose)

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“She speaks more languages than anyone in the family. Because she plays with all the children in the street.” (Erbil, Iraq)


“She speaks more languages than anyone in the family. Because she plays with all the children in the street.” (Erbil, Iraq)

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The Scottish Doctor has arrived

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Limzy Wei: Flowergirls

artist on tumblr

Malaysian artist Lim Zhi Wei adorns her watercolors entitled “ Flowergirls” with real flowers, to a stunning effect.

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The Phantom of the Opera UK Tour 2012 set designs [x]

UGH you know what this makes me angry. These set designs actually look amazing — without the costumes that have been butchered from the originals, and WITH the scope that I’m sure a touring production can’t reproduce in every theatre. The perspective I get from here is that they’re going for a much grander, more heavy looking set that resembles real operas, or at least the ones I’ve seen, instead of the pop-up book stylized structure of the original. And frankly, I think it works! It’s effective in these little designs, and I FEEL the show oozing from it. It’s so ORIGINAL (except maybe the Hannibal scene), that I just GOD I just wish they had original COSTUMES that weren’t so heavily stripped down, because they look so out of place when actually on stage. And the blocking also makes little sense, and the characterization. Just give me original costumes and a better direction, and I can handle this set.

I’m with you there - these sets are glorious. While I respect the original decision to use a black box, I think that these designs are beautiful and could have really shone. Also that lighting design for the graveyard is beautiful and I wish we could have had it in the final product. And the floating candles in the Lair are gorgeous.

Basically, give me a solid-quality high school production using these sets, or a reimagined tour with the original blocking and Bjornson’s costumes.

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You don’t have to be practical, politically savvy, and not be a good person. You can be a good human being and be shrewd. They’re not two separate things.

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Tag Game

Name: Żaneta

Nickname: Basically call me Żana

Birthday: November 25th

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight.

Height: 160cm

Time Zone: GMT + 1

What time and date is it there: 10: 38 PM, 5th September

Average hours of sleep: 5, 6 or 9 hours. no in-between seriously

OTPs: You don’t want to get into that. 

First word to come to mind: pillow

Last thing I said to my family: ’Ok, idź spać, pogadamy jutro, dobranoc’ I’m serious.

One place that makes me happy and why: I’m gonna keep it local and say my friend’s summer garden. 

How many blankets do I sleep under: one or none in the summer

Favorite beverage: Red Wine

The last movie I watched in cinema was: Lucy 

Three things I can’t live without: Internet, my phone, coffee (oh well)

Something I plan on learning: French, I wanted to learn Russian too since I have a tiny bit of Russian blood in me. Also cooking like a bit more advanced than now cooking, driving (because I need my license)

A piece of advice for your followers: Don’t care but don’t hurt. Basically dont give a shit about whatever someone thinks of you as long as you’re okay with yourself BUT never ever hurt anyone on purpose. - Yes, I’m aware it’s a variation of what Lexi wrote but this is my life motto.

My Blog/s: you are so not getting the other two.

You have to listen to this song: Halifax - Sydney

I don’t tag anyone… sorry ;<

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I followed him into the mist

I followed him into the mist

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Ramin on episode 8 of Daaé Days (part II)

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Have you ever been inside Polish Phantom's lair? 



I bet you haven’t. but I have.

I was looking at blog and I realized that there is limited amount of content about Polish production. I decided to show some of my photos of the scenography. You may hate Polish…

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So I stole it from littlesociopathsweetheart so I have something to do while she waits for asks xd


Name: Żaneta
Birthday: November, 25
Favorite color: red
Lucky numbers: 7?
Height: 1.60 m 
Talents: what do you mean talents I have none. okay, I can sing. a bit.
Last dream you remember: I got stabbed right after somebody shot me
Can you juggle: no
Art/sports/both: a bit of both.
Do you like writing: yes
Do you like dancing: love
Do you like singing: yes. I do!


Dream vacation: Idk anymore. honest to Go probably some city
Dream wedding: Nothing too fancy I guess because I’d be too worried about organisation… actually I’ll just hire Lexi to organise it since she wants to do things like that anyway.
Dream pet: em… parrot so it could annoy everyone? kidding I’m not responsible enough for a pet
Dream job: I’m gonna be awesome and invent self-repairing cells to world-wide use. so scientist I guess.
Favorite song: ahahah
Favorite album: don’t have one
Last song you heard on the radio: enrique Iglesias ft Ciara - Taking back my love
Least favorite song: ??
Least favorite album: ??? 
Least favorite artist: ?????


Guys/girls/nb/both: Both  Guys.
Hair color: dark (I fall for blonds but that’s not my fault)
Eye color: dark blue
Humorous/serious: humorous
Taller/shorter: taller
Biggest turn-on: low voice (oh well why not)

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